The Story of Carnivalia is the plot of the game.



The IntroEdit

In the good times of Carnivalia, they bring funny everywhere. The Puppeteer was highly known as the greatest entertainer ever. "He pulled the strings, the Puppets danced, and the world smiled." Over time, his joy faded, and it's magic with it. When he heard a Dreaded Boo, he thrown all his puppets away, and he vanished.

When he 'returned', he was filled with rage, and not he same. He took control of Carnivalia with his Hollows, and people ran in fear.

He made a factory that transforms Sackpeople into Hollows, and steals power from the Earth, cracking it.

La MarionettaEdit

After Colonel Flounder explained "The Story of Carnivalia", both he and Sackboy reached La Marionetta, where Sackboy was trained, and learned the power of Touch. Sackboy raced through hoops, then battled a Piano with limited retries.

After defeating The Piano of Peril, Flounder hears stories about Hollows attacking a nearby place, and Sackboy went by boat upriver into a cave with hopes of defeating the Puppeteer.

Sackboy's My Moon was found after this.

The Land of OddEdit

Colonel Flounder is scared of tunnels. Fortunately, they reach "the strange new world" in only a few seconds. Colonel Flounder is also scared of shadows and left The Land of Odd at high speed. Marianne Noisette introduces both herself and The Land of Odd.

The Land of Odd used to be a junk pile, and Noisette used to be junk as well. After she became alive, she cleaned up the mess, however the Hollow is messing up her work.

Noisette then teaches Sackboy how to Swim in water. Sackboy spots the Hollow capturing a villager in a cage which is then lifted. He then helps Noisette clean up the Land.

Jackpot CityEdit

Rollercoaster ValleyEdit

The crate sent Sackboy to an incorrect place, which was not the Spooky Mansion.

Spooky MansionEdit